Catch The Vision

In 2020 the world as we knew it went into a global lockdown. As a country, we faced uncertainty and unrest as we tried to navigate the welcoming in, of yet another year. But our story does not end here. Despite the uncertainty and isolation that we faced as a country, what we still had at the core of who we are was and still is “Ubuntu”. I am, because you are, and that, dear South Africa, stirred within us, an unshakable hope for our future nation.

And so the collaboration of artists, song writers, film makers and audacious dreamers began…We see humanity coming together. We see hearts uniting. All with a steadfast common ground, that we find home in Africa and Africa is home in us. Ikhayalethu – Rich and beautiful in it’s diverse culture, people and landscapes. The sound of Africa, living, breathing and beating in us all. A sound of hope 

This is a song for you. A song for us. A song for our Nation.

May it be our unifying sound as we say Yes to positioning the roots of our hearts deeper into the soil of our home. We feel there’s something new. The dawn is breaking through… Can you feel it?

Home ~ Ikhayalethu

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